She thinks I’m real (#6)

Am dat peste povestioara asta azi. O las ca atare.

A family went out to a restaurant for dinner. When the waitress arrived, the parents gave their orders. Immediately, their five-year-old daughter piped up with her own: “I’ll have a hot dog, french fries and a Coke.” “Oh no you won’t,” interjected the dad, and turning to the waitress he said, “She’ll have meat loaf, mashed potatoes, milk.” Looking at the child with a smile, the waitress said, “So, hon, what do you want on that hot dog?” When she left, the family sat stunned and silent. A few moments later the little girl, eyes shining, said, “She thinks I’m real.”

Cu ocazia ei mi-am amintit de cartea lui Andrei RoșcaAcum, Aici, Contezi (print și audio) și de programul de ascultare Supernatural Listening. Pentru mine ascultarea e abilitatea centrală nu doar din profesia mea, ci din viața mea în general – temelia pentru schimbare și conectare.

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